How to Choose Aluminum Fence

How to Choose Aluminum Fence

When selecting a fence you have to determine several aspect prior to making the final decision about the aluminum fence system you need. You will have to consider the Height, Color, design Style and the finish. A fence is adding beauty to a property and provides better security. An aluminum fence insure the safety of pets and children, especially if a pool, pond or a lake resides on the property.

A nice aluminum fence ads value to the property and elevate the decoration. Aluminum fence has ornamental appearance, requires no maintenance and come with a lifetime warranty. If privacy is not your goal aluminum fences are the recommended solution for you. Aluminum fence may cost slightly more but its durability and lifespan will earn the value back to your pocket when you save on maintaining a fresh looking fence.

If your fence is for security and to keep people out we suggest at least a 6-foot tall fence.
Pool fences has to be at least 48” tall with 45” rails spacing and about 4” space between pickets.
For pets and for children we recommend 48” tall with reduces spacing at the lower part of the fence panel.
We offer various fence heights from 35” and up to 72”.

The fence color, the style and the finishes are really up to your individual taste. We have a nice variety of designs to chose from.

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How to Choose Aluminum Fence