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Welcome to Mashko Metals

Are you looking for an Aluminum Fence Manufacturer? Mashko Metals is an Aluminum Fence Manufacturer that fabricates durable, precise and easy to install aluminum fence panels, aluminum railings, and aluminum gates at competitive rates.

We have aluminum fences in variety of sizes and designs. In this website you can find the various aluminum fence lines that we manufacture along with the height, spacing and style. Many homeowners and business owners consider aluminum fences over other kinds of fencing since it is easy to maintain and it lasts longer. Aluminum fences are the choice of many municipalities for its advantages. For you, the fence installer, Mashko Metals is a great source for an easy to install aluminum fence system and aluminum gates. We make sure to deliver our products accurately and on time.


Recently, the demand for aluminum fences has increased tremendously because aluminum looks like wrought iron but has none of the disadvantages of wrought iron. Aluminum cannot oxidize or corrode if you fail to repaint it periodically. A typical aluminum is powder coated and not liquid coated. This powder coating is done by sticking dry powder that is electro-statically charged onto the fence surface which is then baked on it as an ornament finish that will make your aluminum fence look great for many years to come.
Our aluminum does not require complex maintenance procedures as they come with a lifetime warranty.


Mashko Metals fabricates great aluminum fence products that you can trust. We build aluminum fences according to industry standards as well as customer’s needs. Mashko Metals aluminum fence products will make your, or your customer's, property look more stylish and more secured. We design aluminum fences that will suit your budget, security needs and style.

For more information about Mashko Metals the Aluminum Fence Manufacturer, call us at (888)703-3623.

Mashko Metals – Your Trusted Aluminum Fence Manufacturer.

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